The DJ is the most critical component of a wedding. The DJ is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of your special day are delivered according to schedule while meeting or exceeding your expectations.

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“Your event will receive all of the necessary attention you expect. You will never have to repeat or explain your needs more than once.”

  • Jayson will meet with you in person and discuss your vision and document every detail.
  • Jayson will allocate time to walk the venue to ensure there are no surprises the day of your special event.
  • Lastly, he will follow up with you the week before your wedding to confirm changes discussed and if any additional changes are needed.

“You are in the hands of an experienced DJ who cares about all aspects of your event!”

Jayson will prepare your itinerary and provide a copy for each event vendor to ensure that all components of your wedding are following the same timeline, never missing a beat!

The end result will tie all sections of your reception together with the right atmosphere, music and flow providing you the most memorable party of your life. Jayson mixes seamlessly, blending different genres of music for the best dancing experience. The microphone will only be used to direct the timeline, make important announcements… otherwise, Jayson will let the music do the talking.